Accel Now

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Humanities), and Mathematics. This year the Accel Now program is available to all middle school grade levels. Students in the Accel Now program have a unique and rigorous curriculum.  Accel Now students learn about fewer topics, but on a deeper level. The math and science curriculum are integrated, as well as social studies and language arts. Students must be at least an FSA level 3 or higher to be eligible for the program. While students are in the Accel Now program they have the opportunity to earn up to 6 high school credits upon completion of the entire program.

The breakdown of high school credits earned and when the classes are taken is as follows:

-Algebra I (7th or 8th grade)
-Geometry (8th grade)
-Honors Earth Science (8th grade)
-Spanish I * (6th and 7th grade- 1/2 credit per year to equal 1 credit at the end of 7th grade)
-Spanish II * (8th grade)
-Gifted Research** (8th grade)
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