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Southwest Prep Overview

“The Best Hands on Experience – Ever!”

Southwest Middle School’s Pre-academies:

  • Allow students to earn high school credit while in middle school!
  • Expose students to careers they may enjoy for a lifetime!
  • Prove that people learn BEST by having “hands on” experiences.*

Sample from any one of the following career tracks, “trying them on” to see how they fit your interests and abilities!


Video Gaming Design

This new and exciting academy focuses not on playing video games but making them!  Combine your creativity with the technical know-how it takes to turn your ideas into reality.  This is one elective that can’t be beat!  Learn how to:

  • Design and animate your video game using Autodesk and Solid Works CAD Design tool
  • Explore gaming platforms using multimedia fusion applications
  • Program your creation!

Classes offered in this academy include:

  • Exploration Career and Technical occupations
  • Orientation to Career and Technical Occupations


Pre-Medical Polk Academics

Do you like to help and care for others? In Southwest’s Medical Academy you will learn many hands-on skills and put to use the knowledge you learn from our medical professionals. The Medical Academy is a great way to be exposed to the wide variety of careers available and practice putting to use what you’ve learned!

Classes offered in this academy include:

  • Introduction to Medical Professions
  • Introduction to Health Occupations
  • Medical Skills (High School Credit)

**Please note some courses require lab/uniform fees.

Media Design

Whether you are a behind-the scenes techie or a out-in-front-of-camera personality, SBN (Southwest Broadcasting Network) has a spot for you!  Put your love for tech, entertainment or broadcasting to work and join our award-winning Media Design team!

This academy partners with the Future Business Leaders of America giving you an edge on your leadership and workplace skills. Students will learn to:

  • Create graphics & write scripts
  • Operate cameras & boom mics
  • Edit shows & feature stories
  • Compete in Media competitions & FBLA competitions
  • Learn software programs such as computer applications 1&2 and web and digital design

Fine Arts (Band, Chorus, Art)

If you love music you’ll want to join the music team that continues to “wow” audiences around the state and community – the Southwest Middle School Band!  Enjoy the parades, park & community events that have entertained governors and public officials for decades!  Find your niche in any one of the following bands:

  • Jazz
  • Concert
  • Symphonic
  • Beginning

If “singing” is your thing, join voices with our Southwest Chorus and perform publicly!  You’ll love using your talents and representing your school!  There are area competitions available to help you stretch your talent even further!

Do you love to draw and express yourself through Art?  Learn how to hone your skills under the tutelage of our award-winning fine-arts director.  Start your art portfolio for the day you plan to apply to area art academies (Harrison School of the Arts).

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

Some students just LOVE a challenge and enjoy being with like-minded friends!  No easy task, our STEAM students love to learn and love to learn together.  Focused on earning high school credits while in middle school, our STEAM academy offers you the opportunity to earn high school credit in:

  • Algebra I Honors
  • Geometry Honors
  • Spanish I
  • World Languages (offered through Polk Virtual)
    • Spanish II
    • Chinese I & II
    • French I & II
    • Latin I & II