Dress Code

Southwest Middle School

 Dress Code and Uniform Policy

     The PCSB Dress Code and Uniform Policy is discussed with students at the beginning of each semester and periodically throughout the school year. All students and parents are expected to know and comply with the dress code and the uniform policy. 


  • Must be plain, solid-color twill, corduroy or denim fabric.
  • Navy Blue, Black, or Khaki/Tan only!!!
  • Traditional blue jean color is okay for denim.
  • Shorts, pants, skorts, skirts, skirted jumpers.
  • Must not have any holes, rips, tears, tatters or frays of any kind.
  • No sweat pants, or athletic shorts.

Shorts/Skirts – Shorts may be worn.  However, shorts, skirts, and dress lengths should be knee length.  If there is a question as to whether or not a pair of shorts or a skirt meets the length requirement, the final decision will rest with the school administration. SWMS may revoke the shorts privilege of any student who violates the provisions of the shorts policy two times in one semester.

The Dress Code does NOT allow for

  • Clothing with colored trim, stripes, embroidery, decoration, etc.
  • Overalls (overalls with pants or shorts),
  • Sweat pants, jogging pants, leggings, etc.
  • Tights or Leggings are not to be worn as pants.

Outer Garments:

Pullover garments such as sweatshirts and sweaters must be worn over an appropriate school shirt.  Light jackets or sweaters may also be worn. Other coats, jackets, etc. may be worn when conditions are such that cold weather clothing is appropriate.   A long sleeve shirt is not considered a jacket or outer garment.

Other dress code rules:

  • We are phasing in a specific color shirt for each grade level. For 2016 – 2017 incoming 6th grade students may only wear heather grey school shirt purchased from    All students are allowed to wear only solid heather grade level color, crew neck t-shirts.  These may be purchased outside the school and various styles of  grade level color shirts will also be available for purchase from the school.
  • Belts are required if the garment has belt loops.
  • All shirts must be tucked in.
  • Shorts/skirts must be knee length or longer.
  • Shoes must be safe, appropriate, and have enclosed heels or a heel strap (flip flops, slides and sandals without heel straps may not be worn; no bedroom slippers).
  • Clothes must be appropriate size, with waist of garment worn at student’s waist.
  • Clothing that is too tight or too loose is not appropriate for school.
  • Adding color by wearing another shirt, camisole, or tank top underneath the school shirt is not permissible.

School administrators will determine if clothing is appropriate for school and complies with district rules.  For more information, please contact the school or refer to the Code of Student Conduct for a copy of the student dress code.

 Uniform Violations – Students not in uniform may not be allowed to attend class. If appropriate clothing cannot be obtained, or the behavior willingly repeated, discipline action may occur.

Dress Code Violations – Repeated dress code violations (shirts not tucked in, no belt, pants not on waist, etc.) will be treated as disruptive behavior under Part IV, Section 4.03  “Disruptive Behavior and/or Minor Infractions” in the Polk County Code of Conduct.

  1. Neatness – All clothes should be coordinated and clean. Ripped, torn, tattered or frayed clothes are not allowed.
  1. Cleanliness – Students should come to school with clean bodies, combed and clean hair, and brushed teeth. Personal hygiene needs should be addressed appropriately and consistently.

 Headwear: Hats/caps (baseball, etc.) are not allowed.  Please leave them at home.  Bandanas, headbands, scarves, stocking caps, etc. are not allowed.

Stockings: Fishnet stockings are not permissible. Multi-color stockings, yoga pants, and tights are not permissible.  The Polk County Dress Code and Uniform Policy does not allow for leggings.

Body Piercing – Body piercing jewelry that is construed by the Principal or designee as offensive, suggestive, disruptive, or unsafe will not be allowed.